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Verify the credit-card payment

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Unfortunately, today it is possible to buy online stolen creditcard data easily within minutes and our business - sending values worldwide - is very susceptible to fraud. In order to avoid fraud, we have to be sure that you indeed are personally holding the used card. The only way to assure this, is to see a photo of the used card.

Aware of security reasons regarding you and your data, we therefore explicitly do not ask for a picture of the whole card and especially not the backside but just a photo from a part of the frontside which should show just the last four digits and the cardholders name on it. By this, all confidential informations would be hidden as much as possible and nobody could use your provided data unauthorized (since 12 of the 16 card digits could not be seen and also the 3-digits secure code from the backside of your card would not be provided - which is needed if somebody is going to pay with this card)

In our opinion, this method does not provide just us from fraud but also you (the real cardholder) e.g. when you think of the case that this might be your data which had been stolen by someone who is now trying to rip off your money by doing quick and easy purchases on our website towards anonymous mobile phones from where the money could not be taken back.

So this method protects not only us but also cardholders from fraud and by telling our customers just to sent a picture of the frontside with blackouted informations except the last four digits and the name, it still stays secure also for you as the affected person.
After the validation process the provided card photos are deleted immediately and as we also mention in the first email, it's just needed once as a one time verification if a credit card is used.

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